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Clothing rental for size-changing dieters

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For dieters working to lose weight, maintaining a decent wardrobe of clothes that fit can be an ongoing—and expensive—challenge on the way to a target size. With just that situation in mind, Transitional Sizes rents out name-brand clothing for temporary use while the pounds come off. Maryland-based Transitional Sizes, which just recently launched, offers women’s and maternity clothing in a range of sizes for monthly rental fees ranging from about USD 3 to USD 25. (Men’s clothes are coming soon, the site says.) Customers order items in the sizes they need and keep them for as long as they want; once they’re done, they clean them per the instructions provided by Transitional Sizes and send them back in the original box. Customers needn’t be members to order from the site, but membership packages ranging from USD 10 to USD 40 per year are designed to give dieters a range of extra perks, including coupons, discounts, email alerts and weight-loss incentives. Transitional Sizes’ inventory is still very limited, and its site feels rough around the edges. Nevertheless, the concept is a good one, and could be enhanced by personal features such as automatically sending a smaller set of clothes when a customer is scheduled to have dropped to the next size, for example. And how about a partnership with Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig? Either way, dieters are just one group among the legions of transumers out there, eager to be free from the bonds of (unnecessary) ownership. Which creates lots of opportunities for entrepreneurs who can support the new leasing lifestyle! (Related: Baby clothes rental service.)



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