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A tryvertising store for São Paulo


As the tryvertising train makes its way around the globe, we’ve seen sample stores pop up in diverse regions of the planet. Tokyo, Shanghai, San Diego and Barcelona are all among the locales we’ve already covered, and now a new entrant is adding São Paulo to that list. Due to launch next month, Clube Amostra Grátis—“Free Sample Club,” loosely translated—will offer consumers an assortment of new products to take home and try before they become available on the shelves. Consumers must first register online and pay a yearly fee of BRL 50. That, in turn, entitles them to visit the store and take home up to five different products each month. Members fill out online surveys about the products they choose, and can also participate in additional activities, including in-store tests, that earn them extra points good towards additional benefits. Anyone still doubt the power-packed combination of free love for consumers with trial-based feedback for manufacturers? We didn’t think so. Onward, tryvertising train! 😉



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