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Back in 2004, we wrote about ClubMom (Moms get their own executive benefits), a free membership program in the United States that rewarded mothers for shopping at participating online and offline retailers. It also provided them with tips and time-savers, and ways to connect with other moms. Although rewards are still part of the offering, ClubMom recently shifted its focus to the community aspect, pitching itself as “the premier online destination for moms, by moms – bringing together the best of what real moms have to say on topics they care about most.” Aiming to be the first social network for mothers, ClubMom’s MomNetwork lets mothers create profiles, set up blogs, and connect with other moms with shared challenges and interests. For advice on everything from dealing with ADD to gardening, the network’s users can consult both experts and Go-To Moms. Given the popularity of mommy blogs and social networks, it isn’t surprising that ClubMom wants to attract more visitors by building a community. One to watch, and copy to other countries. After all, where mommies go, advertisers follow!


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