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Coffee-infused socks stop feet from smelling

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Ministry of Supply's ATLAS socks feature ventilation and moisture wicking, as well as embedded coffee to absorb bad odors.

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While Wool & Prince‘s shirt that doesn’t require washing for 100 days goes someway to helping avoid embarrassing smells, the same can’t be said for the traditional sock. The MIT-based startup Ministry of Supply has now introduced its ATLAS socks however, which feature ventilation and moisture wicking, as well as embedded coffee to absorb bad odors.

The company started out by mapping out the different parts of the foot that are most affected by activity throughout the day. By analyzing exactly where pressure, heat and sweat occur the most, the team was able to design a sock suitable for business that could also provide padding in the areas that need it most, as well as ventilation. The socks are made of moisture wicking material and the pads are fitted onto the base of the garment in small blocks. Ventilating material is present in the gaps between each block, allowing heat to escape and providing aeration even when the foot is under pressure. Finally, the sock fiber is infused with carbonized coffee – salvaged from restaurants and cafés – which attracts and traps odorous molecules, leaving feet more fresh. The video below goes into more detail about the tech behind the socks:

Ministry of Supply raised more than USD 200,000 for the project on Kickstarter, where backers could get their hands on two pairs for USD 28. Are there other materials that can help clothes stay cleaner for longer?

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