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Colorless coffee gives all the caffeine and none of the stains

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Two Slovakian brothers have created a clear coffee that delivers the familiar caffeine punch without risk of staining.

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First there were superfruit drinks that tackle jet lag, then came double-strength coffee designed to keep coders awake, and now there is Clear Coffee, a colorless coffee that allows drinkers to ingest all the caffeine of a cup of coffee without the risk of staining teeth or clothing.

The transparent coffee was invented by David and Adam Nagy – two Slovakian brothers living in London, who founded the brand as a way to avoid the unsightly teeth stains caused by a heavy coffee habit. The clear coffee is made using a proprietary method the brothers do not disclose, but they will say that only high-quality Arabica beans are used, and the coffee is produced using a physical processing method, rather than with chemicals or additives. In fact, Clear Coffee does not contain any preservatives, artificial flavours, stabilizers, sugar or other sweeteners. The taste is similar to a strong cold brew, and one 200ml bottle should last a moderate coffee drinker all day. Because the coffee has no color, it can be drunk on the go without fear of spillage, and can be more easily incorporated into cocktails.

Clear Coffee is marketed through CLR CFF, and will shortly be available in the United Kingdom through Amazon. The Nagy brothers found a niche for making a beloved beverage more user-friendly – what other foods or drinks might benefit from a similar treatment?




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