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Coloured bubbles

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Technological advancements don’t always have to be useful or change the world in a profound and meaningful way. Sometimes, they can just be fun. Like colored bubbles. A world’s first, Zubbles are the result of 10 years of kitchen sink experiments by chemist Tim Kehoe, VP of R&D at product design firm Ascadia. The bubbles work just like ordinary blowing bubbles, but come in rich, vibrant colors that are nearly opaque. The color is created with patented specialty dyes that disappear when exposed to air, water or pressure, and are non-staining and non-toxic. Announced in 2005 and awarded a Popular Science award the same year, Zubbles colored bubbles will finally be making their way to stores this spring. Retailers: if you’re interested in distributing Zubbles, please visit global license holder Spin Master’s website to complete their distribution application. Should be a big hit in summer 2007 😉 And since bubbles bring out the delighted child in everyone, events organizers might want to add Zubbles to their bag of tricks for summer events.



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