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Effie ironing machine

Compact appliance dries and irons clothes in minutes


A robotic ironing machine saves users time on domestic chores and uses minimal electricity during a cycle.

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Technology has helped people simplify or remove tasks in their daily life. These span from the more time consuming, serious things on a to do list to the most mundane of errands. Advances in artificial intelligence technology means that people in Nigeria can pay bills and manage their finances easier, for example. On the other end of the spectrum, there are smart trolleys that calculate the worth of the shopping it contains and charges the customer automatically. Technology is weaved into almost everything we do, making tasks and errands more streamlined that ever before.

The launch of Effie is yet another example of this. Effie is a slimline, wheeled machine that irons up to 12 items at a time. It works by the user simply hanging items within it, closing a door and the machine removes wrinkles from the clothes in 3 minutes per item. Effie can also push steam into more delicate clothes and dry items more gently than a tumble dryer. By moving hot air over the clothes, enclosed items are not damaged.

The machine doesn’t need to be installed as it is on wheels and therefore can be placed anywhere around the home by its owner. Users fill a removable tank with water to enable Effie to function, and specially designed hangers optimise the ironing process. A connected app helps owners keep track on the progress of their ironing, steaming or drying. The app also allows users to order extra hangers and fragrancing pods so their clothes are scented. Patent pending, Effie is expected to be ready for delivery in late 2019. Effie is one of the 200 startups presenting their technology at TechDay London on 26 October 2018.





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