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Company designs prototype for sustainable floating city


Closed-loop urban living may be one step closer with the advent of modular ocean cities

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Spotted: Blue technology company Oceanix has designed a prototype for a modular ocean city called OCEANIX CITY. Hexagonal floating modules would be the building blocks. They could be mass-produced on shore and towed into place on the water. When connected, they could provide solar power, communal farming and a limitless mix of space for private and public use.

Oceanix hosted a UN-Habitat meeting to discuss the logistics and possibilities of building a city on the sea. In interviews, Oceanix CEO and founder Marc Collins Chen emphasised the need for floating cities to be accessible to all, not just the wealthy. Oceanix is currently looking for investment to build its first prototype near an Asian mega-city.

Whenever possible, Oceanix’s cities would use local, sustainable building materials, particularly bamboo. And the modular design could make increased scale easy and quick to achieve. Zero waste systems are integral aspects of each module and walking and boating would be the main forms of transport.



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