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Complete mobility service creates a sustainable way to travel

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A new travel subscription service offers transportation across multiple transport methods

Many mobility innovations imagine a future where transportation is smart and sustainable. In Denmark, an affordable electric carpooling solution uses half the energy of a standard car. Also, in Sweden, a new electrified road charges cars on the road and reduces carbon emissions. Now, a new service offered by SBB in Switzerland, named SBB Green Class offers customers a complete mobility service.

The SBB Green Class pilot project took place in 2016 with only 100 spaces for people to apply to. However, the response to the project was highly popular with 2,500 people applying to it. Developing the idea of complete mobility being purchasable as a service, SBB has now released the Premium and Comfort combined mobility solution. It includes access to public transport, an e-car, a parking space at the station, and Mobility cars which are located at more than 400 stations. All of these perks are available from a single subscription source. Therefore, people who opt to leave their vehicles in favour of sustainable mobility can do so with ease.

Using the SBB DailyTracks app, the mobility patterns of SBB Green Class customers are recordable. The data shows an increase of customers using more eco-friendly modes of transport since signing up to the service. As the product has a limited number of electric cars and parking spaces, the subscription spaces are also limited. Subscriptions are available for a 12 month, 24 month or 36 month duration. The Premium service starts at a price of CHF 1,310 per month for 12 months, while the Comfort service starts at CHF 1,040 per month for 12 months. Additionally, customers can purchase a home charging station for e-cars as an add-on.

In the future, SBB Green Class plans to release a solution to accommodate business customers and a solution featuring e-cars. What other mobility solutions can help encourage sustainable travel options and build smarter cities?



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