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Compression shirt

Compression shirt reduces whiplash in contact sports

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Crowdfunding now on Kickstarter, Halo by AEXOS supports the natural movement of the body but stiffens upon impact to improve neck stability. Campaign ends 13 September 2018.

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Technology has revolutionised the sports industry, helping active enthusiasts to perfect their form and keep track of their progress. There is yoga apparel that vibrates to aid the wearer’s form and ability, or even a smart coach built into a vest that provides amateur sportspeople with elite advice. Now an innovation is also addressing sportspeople’s safety through technology.

Advanced Exoskeletal Systems – also known as AEXOS – has unveiled a compression shirt designed to reduce whiplash in high-impact contact sports. Named Halo, the advanced base layer provides postural support that works with the natural movements of an athlete. This is achieved without affecting range of motion or mobility. Unlike other sports equipment that protects against impact to the head, AEXOS created Halo as a means of improving the body’s resistance to whiplash injury, which can lead to concussions.

Halo uses proprietary technology and innovative materials that emulate and support the natural movement of the cervical spine. It delivers neck support to reduce stress and fatigue on the head and neck, postural support of the torso and upper body, and a reduction of head kinematics during impact. The core technology embedded in Halo allows the shirt’s collar to stiffen during a whiplash event. The shirt thereby improves neck stability and reduces causal factors of whiplash injury and concussion. Aexos worked alongside a Montreal-based design firm Tactix on the development and final design of the product. They also partnered with Biokinetics, a ballistics testing facility in Ottawa, and researchers at the University of Waterloo to validate and quantify the performance of Halo. The product is available for pre-order on Kickstarter with an expected delivery date during autumn.




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