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Concierge service specialises in hard-to-find products


A new service specialises in sourcing products that are not available to purchase in Australia giving every customer a personalised experience.

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For Australians who long for hard-to-find products from around the world, comes a new way to shop. Sydney start-up Just Tress It is a personal concierge shopping service with a twist. The service specialises in finding brands and items that are not normally available in Australia. The startup is targeting people who have “a strong desire for a specific item they can’t get in Australia”. This could be anything from a favourite snack, to brands that do not ship overseas, or items that are only available for a limited time.

Users sign up for an account and then fill out a shopping list. Tress then sends a quote – shipping is charged based on the size of the shipping box, with four different box sizes available. Boxes holding up to 500g cost 35 AUS to ship – plus the cost of purchasing the item. Customers pay in Australian dollars and Tress handles all currency conversion. The startup finds customers largely through social media marketing and word of mouth.

According to co-founder Jessica Sarkis, the company was born out of frustration at not being able to find favourite American products in Australia. The uses a network of personal shoppers based in several countries around the world. They can also monitor specified products and wait until they go on sale before purchasing. Tress shoppers will also wait in line to purchase products on their launch date. They have been known to track down discount codes and find items pictured on Instagram. Their motto is ‘Shop the unshoppable’.



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