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Cone pizza goes upscale

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We first covered cone pizzas in 2005 and have seen a number of versions pop up around the world every since. Our latest spotting comes from Austria, where one of the country’s most famous chefs runs Carpe Diem Finest Fingerfood, offering ‘the unique combination of both top quality cuisine from the 4 star cook Jörg Wörther and convenience in eating’. Every order at the upmarket Salzburg bar features four savoury cones and one sweet one, with dishes like ‘Pickled Perch with Artichokes and Asparagus Tips in a Polenta Cone’ and ‘Yellowfin Tuna in Salad with Avocado and Ginger in a Pumpkin Cone’. Proving, as we love to point out, that everything can be upgraded. On a side note, the concept is a flagship restaurant/bar for Carpe Diem, the ‘functional’ beverage brand created by the Austrian founder of Red Bull, and opened in 2005. From convenient conical pizza to high-quality finger food, cones continue their bite-sized march to world domination 😉 Spotted by: Martina Lipp & Anna Foidl



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