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Cone shaped pizzas | Update

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Time for an update: here we are working hard to bring you sophisticated new business ideas from around the globe, and guess what brought in the largest number of readers? Our piece last year on Kono Pizza: pizza in a cone. (From Kono Pizza’s site: “the result of advanced studies and research both of a culinary nature and in terms of technological innovation.”) Since then, Kono Pizza has been going from strength to strength, sealing franchise deals around the world. However, they’re not the only ones going after the billions spent by consumers on-the-go looking for portable comfort food: there’s the Conniza in India (on the menu at Pizza Corners throughout the country) and US-based Crispy Cones, which smartly positions itself as the leader of all things cone. Humble lesson to be learned? You can reinvent everything, you can copy everything, this is a multi-billion dollar industry, consumers are increasingly TRANSUMERS and dozens of countries (and thus hundreds of millions of consumers) are still waiting for their first pizza cone outlet… So this idea still has mileage, more than a year after it received mass coverage. And that in itself is interesting, too: things move fast, but they don’t always move *that* fast. Time to get cooking.



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