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Connected business class seat remembers flight preferences

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Teague's business class seats feature wireless charging pads and other luxury customizations that passengers can control with an app.

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We have seen many in-flight innovations, including lights that change its color temperature to counteract jet lag. Now taking a business class trip is set to become even more personalized following a collaboration between Panasonic, BE Aerospace, Teague and Formation Design.


Called Waterfront, the seat will enable users to be in complete control of their in-flight experience. Using their own smart device, kept powered by an inductive charging pad, users download an app through the aircraft’s own wifi service, and can use it to control an array of settings. These include the lighting, air flow, and seat temperature and positioning. The app will also let passengers order food and drinks, and choose entertainment on the 4K TV (which can also support gaming platforms). What’s more, the system will remember the traveler’s preferences for their next flight.

Having previewed at CES 2016, the Waterfront seat concept is scheduled for aircraft integration in 2019. With the increased connectivity and driverless potential of cars, what other innovations could fill these automated transit spaces?



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