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Temporary tattoo interface

Connected temporary tattoos are functional interfaces

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Researchers at MIT Media Lab have developed temporary gold leaf tattoos with inbuilt circuitry to create touchscreen interfaces that can control devices.

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We’ve seen examples of wearables skin stamps that have NFC (Near Field Communications) capabilities, and now DuoSkin is a gold leaf circuit board that can be placed on users’ skin using water transfer, similarly to temporary tattoos.


Researchers chose gold leaf for both its conductive properties, and because it suits the aesthetic of trending metallic tattoo jewelry. Users can create unique designs through any simple graphics program, and the added circuitry will be able to function as an interface with smart devices for touchscreen control or volume adjustment. The tattoos can also change color in response to users’ temperature and emotional states. Created by Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao and others at MIT and supported by Microsoft Research, DuoSkin is still in development.

How could these NFC temporary tattoos be applied?



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