At Springwise we are privileged to spend our working lives at the heart of the global innovation ecosystem. We have done since 2002.

Every day we meet business owners, entrepreneurs, corporates, marketers, not for profits, educators, students, investors, journalists and others from all over the world. All of whom share a common goal – they want to, and need to, innovate to move forward.

In many cases this is new and scary territory. All the more important given the rapid pace of change – technical, cultural and indeed analog - as well as the increasing levels of global uncertainty across all areas of business, government and social enterprise.

This urgent need for guidance and support at the highest level has prompted us to create Springwise Innovation Advisory and Speaking services, where we bring together a team of hand-picked, Springwise accredited, Innovation specialists with proven track records in working to inspire, create and deliver transformational innovation programmes.

The Springwise heritage and experience means we are well placed to attract and represent exceptional individuals from all over the world.

All of us have deep and relevant experience in the innovation space – from delivering inspirational talks, keynotes and workshops to leading major transformation programmes, and advising CEOs and Boards. We share a desire to help you navigate the future and create positive change for your organization.