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New retail app offers consumers big discounts in return for video reviews.

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Getting good quality user reviews is ever more important for the retail sector – especially online. Video reviewing is – arguable – in its infancy, but is a powerful sales tool. Cartcam is offering a solution that ties the review directly to a discount on the product sold.

With Cartcam video-savvy consumers can get discounts of 30 percent and up if they agree to review the products after purchase. Launched this year, the app appears to offer a ‘win win’ solution for consumers and retailers. As the site puts it: “Giving shoppers a great deal for spending a few minutes creating a review is a win for everyone.” The videos can be as short as 30 seconds long, must feature the product being reviewed and are created directly in the Cartcam app. They don’t even have to be positive – negative reviews are allowed too.

Getting good quality video reviews can be very lucrative for online sellers. Founder Jonathan Wald claims that “viewers are anywhere from 64 percent to 85 percent more likely to buy a product after watching a video” and therefore sellers on his app are willing to offer substantial discounts on their products.

The potential of video reviewing is fairly self-evident in an online environment, but quality reviews are often difficult or time-consuming for companies to get their hands on. We have already seen a restaurant review app enabling users to share videos of their dining experience  and a feedback platform using machine learning to improve the analysis of data for mobile gaming.

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