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Until fairly recently, wind turbines were huge structures that were only available for commercial use in turbine parks or empty rural areas. No longer so. Consumers can now choose from various wind turbines for residential use. For GBP 25,000, consumers can purchase beautifully designed, ‘elegant’ wind power from Quiet Revolution. One Quiet Revolution windmill (pictured above right) will power an average household with energy to spare, or to sell to the local electricity company. A more affordable option is the D400 StealthGen (GBP 2,200 plus GBP 400 for installation), which is small and silent enough to be used in a densely populated area. One StealthGen produces roughly one-fifth of the energy used by an average household. Out of control energy bills and concern about global climate change are leading to increased consumer interest in sustainable energy sources like solar power and wind generators. Plenty of opportunities exist for entrepreneurs who make it easy for consumers to go off the grid, for at least part of their energy needs.


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