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Consumers earn cash for sharing shortened URLs

Advertising & Marketing uses ads to make its shortened links generate revenue for users.

Much the way shrtn pays users to shorten and share product links, so UK-based does something similar. Whereas shrtn’s service is based on affiliate marketing, however, uses ads to make its shortened links generate revenue. Users begin by registering with and then using the site to create shortened URLs for use on their blogs, forums, social networks and personal websites. takes it from there by showing an ad before each shortened link loads. Users get paid for every visitor that views an ad; if doesn’t have a matching advertiser for the visitor’s country, the shortened link will simply display a non-paying default ad instead. Pay rates currently vary between USD 0.37 and USD 5.03 per 1,000 unique visitors in a 24-hour period, depending on country. Users also get 20 percent of the lifetime earnings of any friends they refer. The video below explains the premise in more detail: If there’s any lesson to be learned from the ongoing global recession, it’s that today’s sellsumers appreciate the chance to earn a little extra cash wherever and whenever they can!



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