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Contactless kiosks can take immediate payment for anything


Think&Go’s Connected Screens bring contactless capabilities to LCD touchscreen kiosks.

Contactless credit cards have made in-store payments effortless and we have even seen contactless phone cases and a contactless suit making payments even smoother. Now, Think&Go’s new Connected Screens technology brings the same capabilities to payment kiosks.


The Think&Go Connected Screen is an interactive checkout counter, which operates like an oversized, upright, LCD touchscreen table. The machine offers various deals from businesses, which are laid out on a grid. Behind each offer is a radio receiver that only works within a centimeter. Customers simply browse the offers and touch their contactless card or smart payment device to the relevant area of the screen for a second, prompting an NFC payment. Potential uses include ordering or paying for a product, collecting a money-off coupon or getting travel information.


Think&Go technology is already being used as a donation screen in a Paris branch of the French bank BNP Paribas. Where else could this technology be used?



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