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Content platform rewards users with credit for reading the news


GoGo sends personalized content to readers' lock-screens and rewards them with credit every time they swipe or unlock it.

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The struggles of digital journalism has made one thing pretty clear: online media outlets need their readers and viewers more than their audience needs them. We have already seen a WordPress plugin reward their audience for abstaining from using adblockers. Now, GoGo takes this even further, by rewarding people for simply viewing articles and videos. The Indian platform sends personalized content to readers’ lock-screens and rewards them with credit every time they swipe or unlock it.

Users first sign up to GoGo, and choose from 14 topics including Technology, Sport, Movies and Celebs, and more. They can pick whether they want the content in Hindi, English or both. Then, whenever their screen is locked, GoGo sends content to it. It can be anything from viral videos to the latest news stories. When they see something they want to view, they swipe left and are taken to the piece online. If they don’t want to read it, they swipe right to unlock and get a new offering. Both actions earn them points, which they can redeem as smartphone talk or data credit.


Could this model be replicated in other regions?



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