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Convert any old computer into a Google Chromebook

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Neverware, partnering with Google Drive, uses cloud services to make any old computer run a powerful operating system.

We’ve already seen “dumb” cell phones being retrofitted with “smart” features for a much lower cost than purchasing new handsets. Now, Neverware, in partnership with Google, are helping schools transform their old computer hardware into modern machines in “under 20 minutes”.

CloudReady is a browser-based operating system powered by Google Drive technology, which users can install on almost any existing hardware. The user simply needs to download the install files onto a USB stick and then boot their old machine from that same dongle. CloudReady uses the coding framework that powers Google’s Chromebooks, allowing users to make full use of Google’s cloud management apps, secure data storage and software updates. Schools in the US are currently being offered free trials of CloudReady ahead of purchasing yearly subscriptions at USD 25 or a lifetime duration at USD 59 per computer. CloudReady is also available to businesses and individuals.

With CloudReady, old computer equipment can receive extended life with modern software, helping schools and individuals make use of pre-existing hardware. Could similar solutions help revive other old tech?



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