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Social Oven subscription kit

Cookery kit helps elderly people socialize

Nonprofit & Social Cause

A cookery kit created by a graduate student encourages neighbours in Poland who often feel isolated to communicate and socialize with one another.

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Loneliness was once considered just an emotion that comes and goes, but it has been taken more seriously this year. As reports show that some people living alone have almost no contact with humans day-to-day, it has been deemed a crisis for some. Technology has worked towards bringing communities together, encouraging those who may feel lonely to take part. Springwise has covered innovations that promote this. For example, the classroom tool that connects children around the world, and in the hospitality industry, a floating hotel that has community at its heart by training and employing locals.

Central Saint Martins graduate Magda Sabatowska created her own take on community with the creation of the Social Oven. The innovation is a subscription cookery kit that strives to help isolated elderly women living in housing estates in Poland socialize. The kit contains everything they may need to prepare and cook a meal to share with neighbours. The kit is supplied via a subscription service that both the neighbours and the elderly residents can sign up to. Additionally, neighbours can pay for their meals prepared by the elderly residents with money or by doing tasks. This could be running errands or helping around the home. Sabatowska believes that this format will encourage social interaction between residents that may not otherwise ever have a reason to or opportunity to speak.

The kit includes allergens information, a cookbook and a menu sign that can be put on a user’s front door. This alerts neighbours of the meals available if they interact and share services with the resident. There is also a contactless card machine and takeaway boxes and stickers within the kit. After subscribing, neighbours are given a Social Oven card that provides them with an allowance of cash and neighbourly favours. How could you help create communities at your business operation?




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