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Warm cookies on the radar at Specialty's Cafe & Bakery

Food & Drink

On a munchie mission? The Warm Cookie Radar at Specialty’s Cafe & Bakery tells customers exactly where the nearest batch of just-baked cookies is. While supplying office workers with handmade sandwiches, pastries and baked goods since 1988, the Bay Area chain is mainly known for its cookies. The Warm Cookie Radar uses Google Maps to show customers where cookies have recently been baked. Customers can click on a location marker to find out when particular batches rolled out of the oven, or can use the ‘find warmest cookie’ to go straight to the freshest batch. Real cookie monsters can sign up to receive email alerts. Like twittering taco trucks and Albion’s Baker Tweet, the Warm Cookie Radar is an online version of Krispy Kreme’s familiar ‘Hot Now’ signs. Which, when it comes down to it, is just a more enticing way of saying ‘Buy now!’ For small businesses, it’s a relatively simple marketing tool that could help boost revenues. One to try out! Spotted by: Brent Cohler



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