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By placing branded water coolers in stores like Kmart and CVS, AquaCell Media is bringing free water to consumers and new, premium ad space to advertisers. Call it coolertising, or yet another piece of the future of advertising puzzle?

Springwise has so far ignored headvertising, furvertising, wipevertising and other desperate ‘sadvertising’ attempts at throwing money at something that won’t win any sympathy from jaded consumers no matter what you try. However, new advertising ploys that actually manage to bring consumers real benefits at no cost, while satisfying the advertiser, are still a possibility. Hence our recent features on carvertising and bikevertising. Next? Coolertising! Check out AquaCell Media, who will plaster your brand on any of their participating free water coolers in 1,400 retail and service locations in the US, including major retail chains CVS and Kmart. Advertisers have included Unilever — who reported a 34 percent increase in sales of Dove Cool Moisture as a result of coolertising, and CBS Television — who used coolertising in the fall of 2005 to promote its comedy “Out of Practice”, and is currently running a similar campaign to get some buzz going about “Courting Alex” (another CBS sitcom).


Traditional advertising may be dying, but consumers still appreciate schemes that net them something tangible in exchange for their eyeballs and time. What other well-liked consumer services and goods can you turn into sponsored free love?

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