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Corkscrew glass design separates sediment in wine


The Kickstarter-funded wine glass eliminates the ‘bitter grit’ that can come with vineyard products.

US-based Vacanti Wine Glasses thinks it has the answer to creating the perfect glass of wine – its unique design of the glass itself. The handcrafted Spirale design features a tiny corkscrew-shape where the glass meets the stem, which captures the sediment in wine that can be bitter. This makes the wine taste richer and ensures a smoother finish. The product was Kickstarter-funded, raising almost USD 88,000 against its USD 48,000 target when the campaign closed.

The glass doesn’t require wine lovers to perform any extra steps – they simply pour a glass of wine, and the sediment gradually settles within the corkscrew. This corkscrew feature has since been patented. Samples glasses were sent to over 600 specialists for feedback, which was used to perfect the corkscrew design. Vacanti is targeting wineries, sommeliers, restaurants and retailers in addition to the casual wine drinker, offering a novelty spin on a normal glass of red. The glasses are expected to ship from November this year, retailing at USD 49 for a pair of wine glasses.

Innovations in the wine industry are starting to grow. We have recently written about a wine delivery service that is designed to fit through a letterbox and an app that offers drinkers a personalized matchmaking score for vineyard or microbrewery products. What creation could further enhance the drinking experience?




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