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A global walk against hunger

In Argentina, Panama and Ecuador, walkers can convert the calories they burn into money to donate to foodbanks.

Woodwork studio live-streams production to show transparency

Argentine designer Alejandro Sticotti and provide true transparency in production by live-streaming each item made in the workshop.

Taxis with salvaged parts promote organ donation

CUCAIBA and UTMO’s organ donation campaign uses mismatched taxis to spread the importance of working parts — for a car as for a human body.

Children’s book grows back into a tree

Tree Book Tree is a plantable book made from recycled materials and embedded with seeds, which grows back into a tree once read.

Book printed in ink that vanishes after two months

Argentina-based publisher Eterna Cadencia has released El Libro que No Puede Esperar – which translates as ‘The Book that Cannot Wait’ – an anthology of new fiction printed in ink that disappears after two months of opening the book.

In Argentina, pop-up recreational spaces transform closed streets

Add / Remove Most city-dwellers are aware of the benefits of having a communal urban space to relax, unwind and socialize in. However, for many, such spaces simply don’t exist in their local vicinity. For those in Buenos Aires, innovations such as Designo Patagonia’s Plaza Movil will soon be providing a pop-up alternative. The Plaza […]

Crowd clout for social and political change

Add / Remove Crowd clout can be used by consumers to achieve goals as mundane as cheaper prices or as profound as social change. Aiming squarely at the latter end of the spectrum, Avaaz is a global online advocacy community that “brings people-powered politics to global decision-making.” Named for the word meaning “voice” in several […]

Laundry service delivers on three wheels

Add / Remove We’ve seen eco-minded laundromats before—including Toronto’s Beach Solar, which we covered last fall—but when pickup and delivery are included, the greenness can only go so far. Unless, of course, you’re the Laundry Company of Buenos Aires, which uses pedal power to collect and return its deliveries for free. Clothes washing and a […]

Personalized sticker stories for kids

Add / Remove Back in 2007 we wrote about Flattenme, a company that makes personalized storybooks for kids by incorporating in each a photo and the name of the child who will read them. Now from Argentina comes StickieStory, which takes an interactive, sticker-based approach to much the same theme. Customers of StickieStory begin by […]

Shoes for good

Add / Remove While traveling through Argentina, Blake Mycoskie came across canvas shoes that his feet took an instant liking to. He took the alpargatas–comfortable utility shoes that resemble espadrilles–reworked them a bit, and started TOMS Shoes. Not just casual chic slip-ons that were spotted all over L.A. this summer, TOMS Shoes give new meaning […]