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Squeezable water bottle made from elastic titanium

A novel form of elastic titanium has been used to create a squeezable sports bottle that is durable and prevents the liquid from being contaminated by plasticisers and softeners.

App uses AI to stimulate users happiness

Austrian startup uses the latest research in mental health to encourage its users to record the everyday things that make them happy.

Cryptocurrency mining company uses green energy

Austrian startup has built cryptocurrency mining facilities that run on hydroelectricity, reducing running costs of powering mining hardware.

The world’s first self charging electric folding bike

A bike that uses a kinetic energy recovery system to charge while cyclists pedal and break, meaning you never have to plug it in.

3D printed shin guards made like Samurai armor

Zweikampf is a 3D printed shin guard that uses a Y structure to reduce damage from sports collisions.

Desktop hive farms edible insects

LIVIN farms have developed a countertop nest for cultivating edible mealworms that will feast on leftovers.

Restaurant lets customers pay with trash

The temporary BIOMAT restaurant in Austria has enabled diners to exchange their biodegradable waste for a meal.

In Austria, beer bottle labels stop drink driving through free rides home

Design firm Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann has replaced the traditional label on bottles of Stiegl beer with a free public transportation ticket in an effort to curb drink driving.