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Smart tire reduces air pollution

A new concept tire uses moss and onboard electronics to reduce urban air pollution.

New STEAM toy aims to help children to create music

A new toy provides children with an intuitive way to learn music through experimentation.

Whirlpool turbine creates fish-friendly hydropower

New Belgian energy company uses a simple turbine construction to create round-the-clock water-powered electricity for remote communities without harming the environment.

Robotic hand can read sign language

A team from the University of Antwerp have invented a robotic hand that can turn text into hand gestures.

3D printing technology used to make recycled sunglasses

A Belgium start-up is making a range of unique designer sunglasses with the hope that it will be made from 100 percent recycled material.

Handheld device transforms dirty air into energy

Researchers at the University of Antwerp compare the handheld device’s green ability to that of solar panels.

Gamified checkout offers users chance at a free online purchase

Luckycycle’s API enables online retailers to offer users rewards with gamified options at checkout, encouraging social media shares and repeat visits.

On-demand box cutter reduces packaging waste

With Slimbox, users measure items, upload them via an app, and the machine laser cuts foldable packages to fit the item, reducing waste.

Jukebox for kids doesn’t need screens

Jooki is a music player for children that uses cute figurines, instead of screens, to play Spotify playlists, iTunes albums, audiobooks, and more.

In Bruges, underground beer pipeline reduces traffic

The De Halve Maan brewery is remaining in the historic city center, and reducing traffic by sending beer direct to its bottling plant via an underground pipeline.