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Empowerment tool for women maps cases of harassment

A new app empowers women in Brazil by recording gender-based violence in public spaces.

Game app promotes São Paulo museum

A new app helps promote the connection between train and subway services and the São Paulo art museum.

Smart hat helps truck drivers stay awake

A new wearable uses sound, light and vibration to alert drivers when they are starting to doze off behind the wheel.

Platform lets readers microfinance news outlets of choice

A new platform provides a monthly subscription service that helps readers microfinance journalists and media companies with a single click.

New campaign lets Instagram users eat their posts

Food processing company has partnered with a Brazilian marketing firm to allow Instagram users to eat the food they are admiring in posts.

Print advert tells customers their foot type

Brazilian ad agency Neogama has developed a print ad that users can stand on to reveal their foot type, and the most suitable running trainers to get.

Amazonian store swaps recyclables for food

A new eco-friendly shop has being established in the Amazon that lets customers swap plastics and aluminium cans for food.

Tech supports women to stand up to rude men

In Brazil, a new app uses the smartphone to detect and help reduce Manterrupting.

Pattern cutting library opens in Sao Paolo

In Brazil, a free, open source pattern cutting library is encouraging people to reflect more on the garments they wear.

Dumpster diving made easier with food donation points

Brazil’s Makers Society created a sticker to be affixed to the sides of city dumpsters to advertise donation points for people to leave leftover edible food.

Retrofitting Sao Paulo payphones for real-time bus data

As part of the Red Bull Basement festival, Sao Paulo’s payphones were linked to a smart data system that provides real-time bus arrival information.