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Dance performance uses VR to create immersive experience

A new performance piece combines dance and VR to give viewers the perspective of a speck of dust floating through the performance

Food packaging system eliminates waste

A new system eliminates food packaging waste and allows customers to buy only the exact amounts they need

In Prague, a new shopping mall caters for men

Add / Remove If men can have their own cupcakes, clothes irons, candles and in-home retail parties, isn’t it time they had their own shopping malls too? That, apparently, is essentially the thinking behind Pánská Pasáž — a brand-new upscale mall in Prague focusing primarily on male shoppers. Currently in the midst of a June […]

Tours of Prague – for teddy bears

Add / Remove Stuffed animals can already play a starring role in storybooks thanks to Typlume & Graphine’s series La Vie de Mon Doudou. Now, for teddies with a taste for adventure, there’s the opportunity to tour the sights of Prague and return home with a suitcase full of souvenirs. Czech Toy Traveling bills itself […]

Tap your own beer at bars

Add / Remove More than a century ago, citizens of the Czech city of Pilsen pioneered new methods of brewing and storing beer. Now a new franchising concept called the Pilsner Unique Bar is mixing the town’s venerable brewing tradition with leading-edge technology. The establishment’s main innovation? Patrons no longer have to line up at […]

C’mon, bring some…

Add / Remove Created by a Dutch IT specialist based in the Czech Republic, hopes to create a loose-knit social network of people who are willing to ‘bring some’ over for others. Some in this case means anything consumers want from another country that they can’t get in their current place of residence. Whether […]

Ready for the EU, ready for low fares

Add / Remove As air travel in Western Europe has become as easy and cheap as in the US, Central Europe couldn’t help feeling left behind. Despite booming economies, former communist states such as Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, and Czech Republic had been mostly ignored by low cost carriers like Ryanair and easyJet, who chose to […]