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AI calculates new cost of living before a big move

Estonian-based Teleport uses AI to rank cities against a user’s preferences to provide recommendations for a potential move, including day-to-day cost of living.

Free-standing smart home: portable and eco-friendly

Estonian design company Kodasema’s square KODA home is assembled in seven hours and includes LED lights, solar panels and smart fixtures.

Blockchain to power remote citizenship

Nasdaq’s Estonian stock market plans to use Blockchain to allow shareholders to vote remotely.

Deliveries by autonomous terrestrial robots

Starship Technologies will begin testing smart autonomous robots that navigate pedestrian routes to deliver goods.

Corruption revealed by the crowds via geo-tagging app

Add / Remove It’s not often that we see a mobile app with a truly innovative purpose. However, applying mobile mapping in a more unconventional way, we’ve recently spotted Bribespot, an app that lets smartphone users report geo-tagged instances of bribery, along with the size of the bribe and the area of government affected. Currently […]

Life-caching service incorporates maps, photos and friends

Add / Remove Just as Moment Garden helps parents chronicle their children’s lives with a secure place to save and share important milestones, so myHistro allows consumers to do much the same thing for themselves. Now in beta, Estonian myHistro is designed to help users create and share stories from their lives with friends and […]

Platform helps jump-start new companies

Add / Remove It’s no secret that successful businesses are built on more than just a good idea. Much the way Bethnal Green Ventures aims to help incubate socially focused business concepts, so Estonian HumanIPO seeks to help gather momentum for startups of any kind. Entrepreneurs can use HumanIPO to build a business by sharing […]

Five concepts combining fashion and technology

Add / Remove Fashion is all about the new, so it’s no surprise the clothing industry is a hotbed of innovation, as can be seen from the new ideas in our Fashion & Beauty database. And the fashionistas are no slouches when it comes to making use of new technology. Here are five examples of […]

Five new business ideas for urban gardening

Add / Remove More than half of humanity now lives in cities, according to the United Nations Population Fund. This rapid and ongoing change presents a raft of new challenges, many of which create opportunities for resourceful entrepreneurs. Here are five concepts that target consumers’ increasing interest in growing their own food in the city: […]

Helping minipreneurs sell their expertise

Add / Remove Much the way Supercool School allows anyone to create and monetize an online school, so Estonia-based Traindom focuses on helping information entrepreneurs market their expertise. No programming or design skills are required to create an education-focused business with Traindom; rather, the site gives users everything they need, including an easy-to-use product creation […]

Online gallery sells exclusivity & limited editions

Add / Remove It’s not unusual for an art gallery to sell rare or limited edition pieces, but a new, online gallery based in London is banking on exclusivity to set it apart by offering just a single, limited-edition creation from each of a handful of select artists. The Few Gallery commissions limited-edition art prints […]