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App-controlled, vertical farming for limited indoor space

New smart farming system uses a vertical hydroponics set-up that allows growers to make best use of limited space and monitor their plants via app.

App brings real-time booking to marinas in the Med

Greece-based SaMMY enables real-time berth-booking through waterproof, wireless sensors in the marinas, which will also provide updates on local weather, water and wave conditions.

Refugee life jackets turned into warm mattresses

UNHCR volunteers on the Greek Island of Lesvos are using discarded life jackets to make well insulated mattresses for refugee camps.

Convertible desk for office power naps

The convertible desk transforms into a full size bed, enabling employees to take power naps in the office to boost their productivity.

Site promotes, ranks & books eco-hotels in Greece

Add / Remove Hotels are increasingly embracing green practices as a way to set themselves apart, so it only makes sense to see a portal emerge that aims to help eco-minded consumers find them. GreenHotels, in fact, serves not only as a portal and booking engine promoting eco-hotels in Greece, but it even scores those […]

Mastic fantastic — now in New York

Add / Remove Back in 2006, we covered an ancient commodity that was being marketed in a fresh way—mastiha, made from resin of the mastic tree, which is mainly cultivated on the Greek island of Chios. As we pointed out, mastiha (or mastic) is used in a wide variety of products, and Mastihashops—founded by the […]

Mastic fantastic

Add / Remove There’s a new premium commodity in town, and its name is mastiha. Those of you with no ties to the Eastern Mediterranean or the Middle-East are forgiven for not knowing exactly what mastiha, or mastic gum, is. It’s a product of the mastic tree, which is mainly cultivated on Chios, a Greek […]