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Schools constructed from discarded plastic bottles

Add / Remove If discarded plastic bottles can be turned into countertops, bedding, graduation gowns, and athletic apparel, then why not a school? We’ve come across numerous instances of schools made from plastic bottles lately, including one in the Philippines and several in Guatemala. Reportedly the first of its kind in Asia, the school in […]

Mapmaker with a local touch and a global plan

Add / Remove Tourist maps are not unique. Artistically rendered maps are available for many cities, usually created by a local artist. What distinguishes Guatemala-based mapmaking company Where To Go Maps is their focus on replicating the local approach globally. Where To Go Maps is working towards creating a globalised mapping system that would see […]

Mobile schools

Add / Remove Mobile School is a Belgian foundation that provides portable schools for street children. Instead of taking homeless children and placing them in an institutional setting, which often doesn’t work, the Mobile School reaches out to children in their own environment. The goal isn’t just to teach them basic reading and writing skills, […]