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Inflight yoga program helps boost wellbeing of passengers

A long-haul carrier has introduced a series of yoga and meditation videos for use before, during and after a flight for increased passenger wellbeing.

Virtual reality used to honour the dead

Expensive burials in Hong Kong have led an entrepreneur to adopt virtual reality technology to celebrate the deceased.

Winter garment offers rapid heating via integrated pads

Polar Seal has developed lightweight heating pads integrated within garments, controlled via buttons on the wrist, that heat up within 10 seconds.

Collectible watch helps wearers to live in the moment

Hong Kong’s Anicorn Watches has recently smashed another Kickstarter campaign, this time to launch its Trio of Time project.

3D printing fights crime

In Hong Kong, police are adopting 3D printing to help inform witness statements and and courtroom proceedings.

New beer brewed specifically for high altitude enjoyment

Because taste and smell alters at high altitude, the Hong Kong Brewing Company is brewing the Betsy beer for distribution on long-haul Cathay Pacific flights.

Heartfelt jewellery design

A creative agency in Hong Kong have created a way of making jewellery that is based on a person’s unique heartbeat.

Waste treatment plant powers eco spa and cafe

All recreation and education activities at Hong Kong’s T.PARK are powered by the on-site waste-to-energy treatment plant.

Smart speaker reads emotions to play music

Moodbox is an emotionally intelligent speaker system that uses artificial intelligence to learn to pick the best music.

Desktop hive farms edible insects

LIVIN farms have developed a countertop nest for cultivating edible mealworms that will feast on leftovers.