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New school bases curriculum on happiness and community

A weekday boarding school opening outside Chennai, India, in 2020, prioritizes wellbeing over test scores and provides village-like living and learning spaces.

Indian startup helps women rise in business

A new Indian customer-to-customer platform aims to help local women build home-based retail businesses.

Soap crayon encourages children to wash their hands

A group of designers from India have created a hand washing tool for children to help them learn about hygiene from an early age. 

Smartphone claims to repel mosquitoes

A new smartphone comes equipped with an ultrasound device that may repel harmful mosquitoes.

Researchers develop batteries using green tea

Wearable electronics like sports bands and smart watches could be more comfortable with the help of a green tea extract.

Wearable safety adhesive can detect an assault

Student in India invents a wearable device that could help save the vulnerable from sexual predators.

Delhi residents use Whats App to order farm produce is a service that provides produce directly from farms to consumers within 14 hours using WhatsApp to send orders and delivery instructions.

Startup digitizes milk delivery in India

A Mumbai based startup is disrupting the milk delivery system in India, giving customers a more convenient and safer way to buy milk.

Mumbai slum uses beacons to advertise local retail market

Google backed project uses beacons to help small businesses in one of Asia’s biggest slums to compete with online retailers by alerting smartphone users as they pass by.

Dyslexic captcha raises awareness of the disorder

India’s Jaslok Hospital is helping parents and teachers understand the struggles faced by children with the Decoding Dyslexia campaign’s captchas on popular websites.

Edible, biodegradable bags help replace plastic waste

India’s EnviGreen company created a process for producing ‘plastic’ bags made from edible, organic food products that can biodegrade in less than a day.