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Students learn computer-building skills while fulfilling government requests

The SMKN 3 Mataram vocational school in Indonesia doesn’t have a budget to allow its computer engineering students to practice building their own hardware, and is now taking orders from regional authorities in exchange for the components.

Motorcycle taxi and courier service eases congestion in Jakarta

Add / Remove As traffic continues to worsen in Jakarta, the motorcycle taxis locals refer to as Ojeks are steadily increasing in popularity. Their ability to beat the heavy traffic in the city has made them one of the most effective modes of transport, and yet many are still unlicensed. Hoping to add levels of […]

Five smart brands and innovations from ’emerging’ markets

Add / Remove Our sister-site’s latest briefing focuses on the EXCEPTIONALL, highlighting the fact that exceptional B2C innovations will increasingly come from all corners of the globe, with brands and talent from emerging markets getting ready to shine. The briefing is full of fun examples, here are five to get you started: CHINA | […]

Cellular ‘business-in-a-box’ empowers poor Indonesians

Add / Remove In Indonesia, 75 percent of the population — or 180 million people — live below the international poverty line of USD 2.50/day. Aiming to improve such statistics, RUMA is a social organization that deploys “business-in-a-box” solutions to qualifying franchises for a brighter economic future. Recognizing Indonesia’s high cellphone penetration rates, for example, […]

In Jakarta, healthy meals at sponsored food carts for kids

Add / Remove According to 2008 figures quoted by Mercy Corps, 11 million Indonesian children suffer from malnutrition. In the slums of Jakarta, many parents give their children a few rupiah for dinner, which they spend filling up on sweets and junk food from street vendors, leading to anaemia rates of over 50 percent in […]

Greener bricks, made from cow dung (Or, how Indonesian cows sh*t bricks)

Add / Remove We’ve covered the value of worm poop, and now it’s time for the merits of cow dung to come to the fore. EcoFaeBrick turns cattle waste into bricks that are greener, stronger and 20% lighter than regular clay bricks. The Indonesian organization was set up earlier this year to tackle the problem […]

A sustainable model for fair-trade goods

Add / Remove When consumers buy fair-trade products, it’s typically because they are motivated more by ethical considerations than by price–which tends to be higher for such goods. Fair-trade exporter CraftNetwork, however, is focusing on long-term sustainability with an approach that aims to make fair-trade goods more competitive with other alternatives. CraftNetwork provides export-facilitation and […]

Green school with an entrepreneurial bent

Add / Remove There are plenty of schools out there with green practices among their goals, but a new school opening this fall in Bali will be entrepreneurially green from top to bottom. The Green School, which will offer preschool through year eight, aims to provide a place where students can become more curious and […]