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App creates live gigs anywhere and any time

An augmented reality app allows users to listen to new musicians play concerts anywhere in the world.

Device helps local stores compete with online giants

A new gadget aims to help small brick-and-mortar retailers compete with the large online retailers by letting potential customers see their stock online.

NFC wearable skin stamps are like disposable tattoos

MC10 have partnered with PCH to open up their ultra-thin smart skin wearables for development of NFC applications.

Site helps viewers source set pieces from Mad Men

Seen on Set is an online platform, where viewers can browse and purchase furniture, tech, homeware and decorations they have seen on film and TV.

Curated care packages for friends in need

Pick Me Up Parcels and Positivity Pack both enable thoughtful users to order care packages that help friends de-stress and unwind.

Conflict zone VR game teaches peacekeeping skills

Gaming for Peace is an online role-playing game for police and military personnel that helps them learn peacekeeping skills.

Gaming database supports indie developers

Gametionary helps users find similar games to the ones they enjoy, and enables independent developers to gain exposure.

Wise Words with David Ingram

We caught up with David Ingram – director and shareholder in Galvanic, the Ireland-based startup that created the PIP – to find out how he relaxes when he’s not helping others to do so.

Album comes with free chopping board, available from pop-up shops

Irish band Bell X1 has encased its new Chop Chop album in a practical chopping board, as well as opening pop-up shops that sell nothing but the release.