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AR gaming app brings wild animals to life

Nairobi startup hopes its app will educate gamers about animal habits and the danger of extinction.

Discarded flip flops turned into gifts and works of art

Kenya’s Ocean Sole flip flop recycling company turns potential marine pollution into employment opportunities for artisans who create gifts and sculptures.

Toilets collect human waste for fuel

Sanivation is providing personal toilets in Kenyan homes, cleaning them monthly and turning feces into fuel.

Text service to save young lives in East Africa

Kenya-based Totohealth have created a simple, free SMS service aimed at saving the lives of under-5s.

Sustainable sanitation solution for urban slums

Sanergy is addressing the sanitation issues in developing countries with a waste management system that turns human waste into power and profit.

Athletic clothing line is made in Kenya by Kenyans

Kourage Athletics is a US 501(c)3 non-profit that aims to reduce poverty by designing and manufacturing a line of athletic clothing in Kenya.

Quick tasks via SMS for phone users in the developing world

Add / Remove Both ShortTask and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk enable Internet-connected computer users to earn money performing quick tasks for organizations far and wide. Now, a new project aims to bring similar income opportunities to those in the developing world using the ubiquitous mobile phone. Targeting the more than 2 billion literate mobile phone subscribers […]

Citizen journalism, from text message to map

Add / Remove A shining example of crowdsourcing at work, Ushahidi is mobilizing citizens to report and map conflicts. The project began as a way for Kenyans to log reports of violence during the post-election fallout of early 2008; a period when mainstream media was banned. A new Ushahidi engine is currently in development that […]

Culturally sensitive sportswear

Add / Remove Designing headscarves that can be worn for sports and play, Nike and Capsters are offering Muslim girls and women a practical alternative to the traditional hijab. Created by young Dutch designer Cindy van den Bremen, Capsters are sleek head coverings made from comfortable, stretchy fabrics, and come in a variety of styles […]

P&G helping Kenyan schoolgirls

Add / Remove In Kenya, Procter & Gamble has just launched a two-year programme that will supply over 600,000 underprivileged girls with sanitary towels to ensure they remain in class during menstruation. A large number of girls in rural Kenya skip school during their monthly period, because their families are too poor to buy sanitary […]