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New aircraft tech designed to make takeoff safer

Researchers at a university in Lithuania have developed software that lets pilots know if conditions will result in a compromized takeoff.

New cassette player aims to resurge tape culture

Lithuanian concept Elbow hopes to get users back in love with tapes with a novel and stylish device that plays cassettes without any housing.

Sensor can tell if food is safe to eat

Lithuania-based startup Peres is looking to crowdfund a new system that checks if food is still healthy to eat using a portable sensor and smartphone.

Cane monitors users’ health as they walk

Add / Remove For many elderly people, leaving the house can become a challenge as their health deteriorates. Hoping to provide both physical support and emotional reassurance, we recently came across The Aid by Lithuanian designer Egle Ugintaite. As well as acting as an aid to walking, the cane, which recently won the grand prize […]