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Photography workshops inside a camera obscura on wheels

Add / Remove There’s certainly no shortage of photography classes out there to help hone enthusiasts’ skills. What’s much less common, to say the least, is the chance to take a class inside a working camera obscura. Sure enough, though, that’s just what’s on offer through the Roulot’ographe, a mobile trailer that transforms into a […]

Parking garages transformed by large-scale ads

Add / Remove Parking garages are notorious for being grim and grey affairs, unadorned by any significant form of decoration. That’s due largely to fire code regulations, but a new, patented technology now allows large-scale ads to be created on the walls of such garages, essentially transforming them into immersive, branded environments. Carspaze has created […]

Sell what you say – Update

Add / Remove Just over a year ago, we covered Ether, which makes it easy for (budding) entrepreneurs to sell spoken advice and support by providing them with a dedicated 1-888 number for customers to call, and taking care of billing and payments. Now, a massive player has joined the arena. Skype’s latest software release […]