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Handbag accessory detonates dye when robbed

Malaysian sportswear firm Ash Be Nimble has designed a stylish handbag fob that explodes dye when robbed, helping catch the theft literally red handed.

The sharing economy for currency exchange

New innovation lets travelers exchange their unwanted foreign currency with ‘collectors’ through a web app.

Energy efficient street lamps are also mosquito traps

Researchers at University of Malaya have developed street lights powered by wind and solar, which attract and trap mosquitoes using a ‘human’ scent.

Minimalist 10-piece wardrobe designed to span a year

Add / Remove The fact that there’s growing demand for clothes rental services such as Closet Infinite speaks volumes about the “fast fashion” mindset that’s become so common today. Aiming squarely at the opposite end of the sustainability spectrum, the Malaysian ULTRA fashion label has launched an eco-minded 10-piece women’s wardrobe set that’s designed to […]

In Malaysia, containers pop up as budget hotel rooms

Add / Remove Pop-up, recyclable and foldable hotel rooms are all familiar concepts to regular Springwise readers, so we couldn’t resist sharing yet another application we recently learned about, this time in Malaysia. Located in Kuala Lumpur, 41 Berangan is an 11-room budget hotel that has made the most of its limited urban space. Nine […]

Job contest lets bloggers become pilots

Add / Remove The deadline for the Best Job in the World may have passed weeks ago, but those looking for a contest-based change of career needn’t fear: a new one was just announced that promises the chance to become an airplane pilot. Malaysian airline AirAsia recently launched the “So You Wanna Be a Pilot?” […]

Upscale smoothie bar offers non-alcoholic alternative to cocktail lounge

Add / Remove Consumers can buy blended fruit concoctions at just about any shopping mall or airport. But a Malaysian chain called Dessert’s Bar adds a twist by serving them up in a sophisticated cocktail lounge atmosphere. The menu at Dessert’s Bar is an unabashed homage to fruit, including items such as smoothies, sorbets, fruit […]

Shoppers team up for better deals – Update

Add / Remove Last month, we wrote about the Chinese phenomenon known as tuangou, or team buying. In a nutshell, people interested in buying a certain product get together online, and then storm into a physical store at a coordinated time to negotiate a bulk discount. Tuangou is a prime example of crowd clout: consumers […]

Islamic tech

In the few short months since our coverage of LG’s handset with an imbedded Qiblah indicator, several companies have joined LG in offering technology specifically targeted to the world’s Muslim population. Segmented mobile content is going to be hot.