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New insulin kit helps children with diabetes

A new easy-to-carry kit includes a temporary tattoo and a pen designed to make it easier for children to manage the daily administration of insulin into the body.

Creative campaign helps earthquake victims

Design agency creates an Airbnb-inspired site to raise funds for survivors of the Mexican earthquake.

Cross-border children’s game connects young people

Social marketing agency FCB created Tug of Hope to connect children in different locations and circumstances as a way of celebrating shared humanity.

Food waste cleans water, gathers metals for re-use

A team of researchers from Mexico and Spain have found a way to use waste citrus peel to clean water with a method that also gathers valuable metals for reuse.

Glow in the dark cement

A Mexican scientist has developed cement that glows in the dark for up to 12 hours, potentially revolutionising the way we light our cities.

Smart scale sends alert when gas running low

Many countries in Latin America power their appliances with propane gas. Now, with Mabe’s Gascale, can order refills before running out completely.

Rooftop solar kit doubles as water reservoir

From Mexico, the PhotoFlow harnesses energy from the sun in good weather and collects and filters rainwater in bad weather.

Kids’ theme park educates them about finance

KidZania Mumbai has teamed up with India’s YES BANK to get visitors roleplaying as bank tellers in order to teach them about the finance skills they will need later in life.

Child abuse ad shows helpline info only to kids

Mexico’s ANAR Foundation has developed an ad that uses lenticular printing technology to display encouraging messages to children that adults can’t read.