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VR app aids learner drivers

National education scheme embraces virtual reality to help learner drivers hit the road with confidence.

Mobile app hosts live auctions on stadium scoreboards

New Zealand-based startup offers sports lovers the added experience of winning goods at low prices.

Pedal-electric bike rides on fresh and salt water

Cyclists may traverse any body of water using this hydrofoil bike developed in New Zealand.

ARX heralds the future of exercise gamification

New strap-on augmented reality system lets you play video games while you shed the pounds.

Wifi hive monitoring keeps beekeepers informed

Hivemind is a wifi-enabled ‘Fitbit for bees’, helping smaller scale or personal apiaries remotely keep track of hive health at lower costs than commercial satellite monitoring.

Linked phones encrypt sex tapes, require consent to view

New Zealand startup Rumuki created an iOS app that lets users encrypt on-phone videos for secure viewing and storage.

Synthetic DNA traces water contamination sources

Scientists from New Zealand developed non-toxic DNA tracers to track pathways of water contamination.

Crowdfunding campaign buys private beach for the public

In New Zealand, 40,000 public donations helped the government buy the NZD 2 million Awaroa Inlet, which will be turned into a national park.

Trading shares in upcoming US political events

PredictIt is a real money prediction market that enables confident citizens to buy and sell shares regarding the outcome of political affairs.