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Handheld device helps hyperhidrosis sufferers

People who experience excessive sweating can now use an app-linked device to help control and manage the condition.

CO2 from cars used as ink on public health billboard

A Peruvian natural gas company ran a campaign that used pollution from passing cars to reveal a billboard message.

Amazonian store swaps recyclables for food

A new eco-friendly shop has being established in the Amazon that lets customers swap plastics and aluminium cans for food.

Drone successfully delivers anti-venom to remote Amazon communities

WeRobotics carried out successful tests to deliver snake bite anti-venom to remote Amazonian communities in 35 minutes compared to the the 6 hour boat ride usually required.

Plant lamp powered by soil bacteria

Researchers at UTEC develop an electricity grid that harnesses energy produced by a growing plant to power lamps.

Billboard purifies the air with the power of 1,200 trees

The University of Engineering and Technology in Peru has created an air purifying billboard that delivers pollution-free air to the surrounding area.

In Peru, billboard turns humidity into drinkable water

The University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) and ad agency Mayo Publicity/DraftFCB have teamed up to create a billboard that captures moisture from the air and converts it into filtered drinking water.