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Late-night cafe provides workspace for night owls

Diligence Cafe in Manila opens late at night to provide a space for those who need to work round the clock.

Nutritious powder is made from freeze-dried expiring fruit

FoPo is a nutritious powder made from market fruit that has been freeze-dried just before it expires, in order to help reduce food waste.

The first Bitcoin wallet for emerging markets

The Philippines’ is a mobile Bitcoin wallet that’s bringing the cryptocurrency to populations without secure banking.

Holiday ads are made out of rain

Philippines-based airline Cebu Pacific has created a sidewalk ad campaign in Hong Kong promoting the country’s sunnier climate, which only shows up when it’s raining.

Platform gamifies IT recruitment in the Philippines

Codetoki is helping companies find the right IT specialists by getting them to complete challenges based on the role.

Schools constructed from discarded plastic bottles

Add / Remove If discarded plastic bottles can be turned into countertops, bedding, graduation gowns, and athletic apparel, then why not a school? We’ve come across numerous instances of schools made from plastic bottles lately, including one in the Philippines and several in Guatemala. Reportedly the first of its kind in Asia, the school in […]

Disadvantaged women sew scrap fabric into high-end rugs and bags

Add / Remove Much the way New York designer Diana Eng creates purses from scrap leather, so Rags2Riches sells a line of high-end handbags and foot rugs crafted from discarded scrap fabric. The difference, however, is that Rags2Riches’ products are sustainably made by women from marginalized communities in the Philippines, giving them a new source […]

Filipinos can eat themselves happy at Van Gogh is Bipolar

Add / Remove It’s no secret that satisfying a craving for chocolate can instantly improve a person’s mood. It’s lesser known that a huge range of natural foods can stimulate longer-lasting ‘happy’ hormones than chocolate ever could. Knowledge that could become more memorable thanks to Van Gogh is Bipolar, a restaurant and cafe that opened […]

Free holiday love in Manila

Add / Remove If ever there was a time of year made for free love, it’s the holiday season. Apparently the same thought recently occurred to Manila cafe chain Delifrance, because this year it has launched a citywide Secret Santa campaign through which Filipinos can send each other special holiday treats–for free. Two delectable Delifrance […]

More free photocopying, this time for charity

Add / Remove We at Springwise are always happy to chronicle the spread of a good idea, but never more so than when those doing the spreading are part of the Springwise community themselves. So it’s with great pleasure that we bring our readers one more tale of free photocopying for students, this time launched […]

In the Philippines: free phone love with a viral twist

Add / Remove Regular Springwise readers no doubt remember Blyk, the Finnish free mobile operator that targets 16- to 24-year-olds with its ad-funded service. We covered Blyk’s British rollout on several occasions over the past year or so, and now one of our spotters has come across a similar concept that recently launched in the […]