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Cookery kit helps elderly people socialize

A cookery kit created by a graduate student encourages neighbours in Poland who often feel isolated to communicate and socialize with one another.

Cycling bell beams inside cars

Insurance firm AXA has dreamt up a cycling bell that emits a regular bell warning, and taps into surrounding cars’ radios and comes out of the speakers.

Polish drivers can now lease pay-as-you-drive cars

The Idea Bank Group’s latest fintech project is Happy Miles, a pay-as-you-drive car leasing scheme for individuals and companies in Poland.

Automated pollination robots support bees

In Poland, scientists have developed a flying robot that can navigate its own path to pollinate flowers and crops.

App streams PC VR games to mobile headset

Development company created the VRidge software and app to stream virtual reality games from a computer to a smartphone.

Thermal billboard can detect a fever

The Theraflu Thermoscanner takes a selfie of passers-by, so they can determine whether or not they have a fever.

Name-your-price hotel rooms

FindBed enables customers to book a hotel room at a rate of their choice.

Augmented reality app for bespoke furniture

Tylko’s Context View enables users to ‘see’ the furniture in their home before they buy, and design bespoke pieces via AR.