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Edible pie charts raise awareness of gender inequality

Bakery chain Paul has created Bittersweet Pies — a range of cakes topped with statistics that highlight the country’s gender inequality.

Fishing in the great outdoors…from home

RoboFisher enables users to fish-from-home — remotely control a robot fishing rod and catch fish in real-time.

The car owner’s manual drivers might actually read

Dacia collaborate with multiple writers and illustrators to create an updated car owner’s manual for the Gaudeamus book fair in Romania.

App rewards those who don’t touch their phone while driving

Romania’s SafeDrive wants to encourage good behavior by using a gamified points system that offers discounts on products and services when drivers leave their phone alone.

QR code wallpaper creates virtual bookcases for those with limited space

A collaboration between Vodafone Romania, furniture retailer MobExpert, and McCann Bucharest, the Digital Library Wallpaper uses QR codes to create a flat, virtual bookcase for those with little floor space.

Mobile app scans for melanoma and maps the results globally

Add / Remove We’ve seen mobile apps created for a variety of useful purposes, but it wasn’t until just recently that we came across one designed to help prevent cancer. Sure enough, Skin Scan is an iPhone app that can be used to analyze and monitor moles so that users can be alerted early on […]

Romanian laptop line customized with local images

Add / Remove There are many ways brands can give their products a local feel, including sharing product life stories and offering tracking numbers for details about product origins. Another example that just caught our eye, however, comes from Romania, where IT solutions provider Maguay just launched a new line of laptops whose covers feature […]

Smartphone app serves as video ‘black box’ for cars

Add / Remove We’ve seen a few different efforts to document the world through auto-snapping cameras—including both Yahoo’s photo-based marketing campaign and Vicon’s life-caching device—but recently we came across one that adds video to the picture, so to speak. DailyRoads Voyager is a free application for Android-powered mobile phones that enables continuous video recording from […]