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Instagram algorithm shows spots favored by locals

Computer scientists at Russian university have developed a way to mine Instagram data to offer visitors a more authentic travel experience.

Fitness wearable automatically measures calorie intake

GoBe2 wearable automatically measures calorie intake by detecting cell glucose levels, enabling users to visualise how their body processes their diet without having to upload calories themselves.

Wikipedia for physical objects

Moscow-based startup is creating a digital database for objects with high quality images and descriptions.

Global record label for street musicians

Sound of Change aims to expand street musicians’ audiences by bringing them online, through the videos of up-and-coming filmmakers.

AI algorithm predicts startup success

Test4startup uses an algorithm to test business idea strength in current markets and against competitors, generating feedback and advice.

Crowdsourced app helps the visually impaired cross the road

SeeLight is a crowdsourced app that offers audible information to help blind and visually impaired users cross urban roads.

Smart Russian billboard hides secret advert from the police

The hiding ad is a smart billboard advertising banned European goods, which automatically scrolls out of rotation when the police approach.

Beer bottles unlock free online movies with a tap

Dutch beer brand Grolsch’s Movie Unlocker service gives customers free access to on-demand video with just a clink of their bottle.