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Upcycled accessories create green awareness in Rwanda

Angaza repurposes plastic waste from old advertising campaigns and other sources to create unique fashion accessories, such as purses and pencil cases, and aims to create more green employment opportunities and awareness.

Drones deliver medical supplies in Rwanda

Zipline is a Californian startup that has partnered with the Rwandan government to create a national drone delivery system, sending medical supplies to remote places, quickly.

Delivery drone network charged by home solar panels

Mobisol’s Solar Air Distribution network will add drone recharging stations to the roofs of homes in rural Africa, creating a delivery infrastructure for its customers.

In Rwanda, clean-burning cookstoves use crowdsourced biofuel

Seeking to provide an alternative to brush-fueled cook fires, Inyenyeri aim to bring carbon-negative stoves into the majority of Rwandan homes at zero cost to rural users.

Sanitary pad franchise creates jobs & improves lives

Add / Remove According to research carried out by SHE — Sustainable Health Enterprises, around 50 days of school or work are missed by girls and women who don’t have access to sanitary pads, or can’t afford them. Mud, bark and rags are often used instead of mass-produced pads; alternatives that are mostly ineffective, unhygienic […]